The Lodge Location & Map


The region of Tena is the entrance to the Amazon basin, located in the Eastern part of Ecuador “El Oriente”, the area a place of unparalleled biodiversity. It holds an astounding amount of wildlife and flora: home to 50% of Ecuador’s mammals, 5% of earth’s plant species and prolific birdlife. It is the most accessible part to reach the jungle, with more than 500 bird species, big cats, butterflies, monkeys, fish, snakes and insects.

Covering more than a third of Ecuador’s land, the Oriente houses only a tiny percentage of the country’s population, including the native Achuar, Cofan, Huaorani and Quichua, just to mention a few.

Itamandi EcoLodge is situated about 45 minutes by car and canoe outside the city of Tena, along the Arajuno River.

You may take this journey throughout the whole year!



From Tena:

– Take the road to Puerto Napo
– Cross the bridge over the Napo River
– Directly after the bridge, turn left.
– Follow the paved road until you reach an intersection, called “Zancudo” for about 25km
– Continue straight, DO NOT turn left, for 5 km until you reach the bridge over the Arajuno River.
– You arrived at our pier!

Itamandi Ecolodge by public bus (approx. 5 hours)
Several public transportation companies operate the stretch from Quito or Baños to Tena. The journey will take approximately 5 hours, travelling over partially paved and unpaved roads. In Tena you either take another public bus (“Jumandy” or Centinela”) to the Arajuno Bridge, where we meet you. Or we can arrange a private transfer from Tena to our meeting point at an additional cost.