Mission Statement

Itamandi EcoLodge offers an exclusive and unique hotel experience, looking for the satisfaction of our customers, the benefits of the indigenous communities involved, and valuing our employees. In addition, we promote the conservation and the importance of the Amazon forest, focusing on sustainable development.


For those reasons, we here at Itamandi Ecolodge have dedicated ourselves to the issues of environmental friendliness and sustainability. We find that the well-being of individuals cannot be divorced from the welfare of the environment. Therefore, we have already established a number of measures for the careful handling of resources – particularly energy and water. We pay attention to the systematic use of alternative and renewable energy sources, wherever possible, in keeping with a strategy of sustainable energy.  Thus, our photovoltaic system covers our energy needs at the lodge, backed up by a generator.

All our guest rooms are provided with 110 volt power and efficiently illuminated with energy-saving LED lamps, and they have electric outlets to recharge cameras and other devices.

Our pool is a non-toxic and eco-friendly salt- water pool with limited use of chlorine. Unlike traditional pools, which require chlorine to be poured into the water manually or released from a tablet, a saltwater pool has a generator that uses electrolysis to release chlorine gas from salt in the water. Salt is added to the pool water to achieve a saturation of approximately 3,200 parts per million, roughly the amount of salt found in a teardrop. So do not worry, it will not feel like the sea!

Furthermore, we offer our guest biodigradable amenities, like shampoo and shower gel in the bathrooms. Our towel and linen reuse program dramatically reduces the impact on the environment by saving water, emissions of CO2 (from the energy consumed), detergent and the treatment of waste water disposal.

We recycle glass, metal, paper and plastic and buy locally from the communities to avoid gas emissions and transportation.

We also try to educate the native communities in the area about sustainability.