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Bold reinvention of the Ecuadorian experience. This is Itamandi Eco Lodge.
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Explore the diversity that the Amazon can offer us in terms of beautiful species. Since those who know about the beauty and loveliness of nature, they automatically think of the Amazon rainforest.
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Indigenous the Ecuadorian Amazon

Amazon tour 3 days

A very impressive tour where the Wildlife found in the beauty of the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador will be discussed. As well as taking advantage of and enjoying watching and learning from nature, such as exquisite dishes and information about the ecosystem of the Jungle.

Amazon tour 4 days

This 4 days tour will offer you everything you need to know about the incredible Amazon Region, accompanied by experts on the subject, who will tour the entire reserve so you can have the best experience with nature, as well as relax and disconnect from technology and the city.


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With our Ecuador Amazon Rainforest tours you will be able to know the magic and beauty of the Amazon jungle.

Get ready with your flashlight and camera because you are going to marvel at our night excursion to live up close the experience of sharing the same place with nocturnal animals. Owls, fishing bats, tarantulas, snakes and frogs are some of the Amazon rainforest animals that you will meet.


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If it is the Amazon rainforest, it is a fact that there are hundreds of miles of species that inhabit this jungle. Since, with 7 million square kilometers, it is a fact that the fauna and flora that live there is very extensive and beautiful.

In our Eco Lodge you will have the possibility to meet some of these species.
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