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The guarango, characteristic tree of Ecuador

August 1, 2023
guarango flower

The Guarango tree is a tree found in countries like Peru, but especially in Ecuador and in this post we will talk more about its benefits. In Ecuador there are many non-profit organizations that try to bring community-type projects to the communities. Many have seen in this tree an opportunity to generate sources of employment for the inhabitants who produce it.

In fact, the export of guarango is already a fact in Ecuador, there are at least 6 Ecuadorian provinces that are currently cultivating guarango. Among those that stand out Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Pichincha, Cotopaxi, among other provinces.

There are more than 8 organizations destined to shape the guarango cultivation project and the Ecuadorians involved see a way to be part of these initiatives. But we are going to expand a little on the nutritional and commercial uses that can be given from the pod that produces the guarango.

Guarango has great value in various industries

Industries such as textiles, leather, paints and cosmetics have embraced the guarango to put it to good use. Even in the pharmaceutical, gastronomic and varnish industry.

The guarango pod is used in cooking as a spice, as it offers an exquisite flavor. In fact, it has been reported that this tree or its fruit serves as a natural healing agent, it is a boom that has been booming in recent years.

In relation to the growth of this tree, it can take up to 5 years to reach a size of 10 to 12 meters in height.

The soil is benefited by the leaves of the Guarango

Experts have pointed out that when the guarango leaf falls to the ground and degrades, it is of great benefit to the soil. Compared to other types of trees that damage the soil, the guarango strengthens it and is something essential and positive for the surrounding environment.

In fact, farmers and agronomists and environmental engineers have seen light at the end of the tunnel. Well, what it is about here is to minimize economic costs, but above all environmental ones by not acquiring chemicals or fertilizers for the soil, since guarango produces it naturally without the need to apply the toxic fertilizers that have caused so much damage to the environment. . Not only in Ecuador but at a general or global level.

Guarango helps sustainability and the environment

The guarango contributes to caring for the environment and sustainability, and this has been assimilated by the communities involved. Although in many Ecuadorian areas a negative factor that those who grow it have had to deal with has been water for irrigation. There are arid areas where it is almost impossible to carry irrigation to the fields, which leads to a disadvantageous point for production to take place.

When the guarango pod reaches its ripening point, it turns reddish with yellow colors. The guarango is also characterized by being a very thorny tree, so when harvesting the crops, it is usually done more than anything when these pods fall to the ground.

When the guarango pods are ready for harvesting, their fruits usually turn to dust and that is where the great benefits of this tree are found. Although you must be patient for a tree to bear fruit after five years, farmers know that from then on they can have benefits for up to 30 to 40 years.

Guarango can have a life time of up to 40 years

Well, each tree generates two harvests a year and it is there where all the economic benefits can be obtained for those who work it. They also find it effective not to invest heavily in their care, as discussed above. Expert experts have considered and made numerical facts about what could be obtained per hectare, where it would yield up to 2 thousand dollars for each hectare.

Many trees had survived over the years without human help, as the seeds reproduce again when they fall. But it should be noted that the guarango almost disappeared from Ecuador, but why did this happen? Well, this is because for decades the rulers and communities had not seen greater interest in taking it to human uses.

All this merry-go-round of climatic changes has led to guarango being revalued again and something important to consider is that guarango, being a legume, helps with other short-cycle crops, promotes nitrogen fixation for the benefit of the soil.

There are collection centers intended to collect the production of guarango fruit to go to a final process and then be able to export it. In retrospect, the thorny guarango tree creates many benefits for communities and in Ecuadorian soils, as well as the reforestation of previously arid landscapes and, above all, fostering and strengthening the economy at the local level.

guarango flowerguarango flower
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guarango flower
guarango flowerguarango flower

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