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The policies described in this document constitute a complete and mutual agreement between Ecuador Verde País Cía. Ltda., Ecuadorian parent company, from this moment called "Tour Operator" and the person or persons who are going to participate and/or make use of the tourist company's products and services that have reserved and paid, named / s as "The Passenger". The Tour Operator urges the Passenger to provide the information required below in each heading as appropriate in their case.

  • Medicine and health

The passenger assures to be in good health and good physical condition to be able to fully enjoy an expedition in continental Ecuador with its related activities; among which are: frequent transfers on land to the boarding sites of the boats, which requires some physical effort and balance.
The Passenger knows that they will arrive at piers or other platforms that are generally wet and that could be slippery, as well as that they will participate in daily and nightly walks through the jungle that may include walking on irregular terrain.

The Passenger is aware that the trip through the mountains and the east may imply experiencing altitudes between 2,500 meters above sea level as well as exposure to high levels of humidity. If the passenger suffers from any medical condition (including allergies) that may affect their travel experience and therefore has consulted with their doctor before participating in an expedition in continental Ecuador, they will inform the tourist company of their condition and needs. associated medical conditions while acknowledging that the Tour Operator reserves the right not to accept passengers with health problems, based on their physical condition.

  • Insurance

The Passenger confirms that they have purchased Travel Insurance with the Insurance Agency which has provided them with the following Insurance Number which includes trip cancellation, coverage interruption and baggage loss protection AS WELL AS Coverage medical and emergency medical evacuation coverage.
If the Passenger does not have this coverage, they must cover their own emergent medical mobilization expenses, for which Ecuador Verde Pais Cía. Ltda, will not be done responsible for such expenses.

  • Inability to travel

The Passenger acknowledges that the Tour Operator is not responsible for the cancellation of the tour in mainland Ecuador due to strikes or uprisings, riots, war, acts of terrorism, inability to obtain supplies and other circumstances beyond its control, including disasters. natural, unfavorable weather conditions (flash or flash floods) and flight delays.
The Passenger acknowledges that the Tour Operator may, due to force majeure circumstances, or unexpected events, may vary the time of day of the departures of the trips, or alter their programs and itineraries without prior notice. This item is based on strikes, road closures, natural disasters, unfavorable weather conditions (drought or flash floods), flight delays, etc. Events that are out of reach and out of our hands and that does not allow us to provide the service.
Due to the aforementioned conditions, the tourist company has no obligation to provide replacement products, replacement services or refunds to affected passengers.

  • illegal substances

The Passenger is aware that the transportation or use of illegal substances, including illicit drugs and narcotics during the trip with our Tour Operator are prohibited by local and national laws.

  • Release of Liability for Third Party Changes

The Tour Operator is not responsible to the Passenger for changes made by Third Parties (eg Airlines and Ground Transportation Companies) related to cancellations and other itinerary modifications or any other eventuality that harms the normal development of the tour or its completion.

  • The respective payments for land tours will be:

Reservations made: 31 days or more before the departure date.

Important notes:

The price of shore excursions is based on single, double or triple occupancy, as requested by the client. Individual supplements will apply according to the policies of the hotels and the providers of the services used.


With 31 days in advance or more: 100% refund applies

From 30 to 16 days in advance: 50% refund applies

15 days in advance or less: NO RETURNS APPLY

NOTE: If the Passenger made his payment with Credit Cards and cancels his reservation; Bank commissions will be deducted from the value to be returned 9


i. Cancellation Due to Illness or Injury

The tour operator will retain all payments received as a penalty, which is why we strongly urge passengers to purchase travel insurance to cover such incidents and unforeseen force majeure.

ii. Cancellation Due to death of an immediate family member

To members of the immediate family (husband, wife, daughter, son, mother, father, brother, sister) a 50% refund applies when the cancellation is definitive.
Presentation of the Legal Death Certificate is required.

In case it is agreed to postpone the reservation to a future date; 100% of the funds received are kept, depending on the availability of the Lodge.

iii. Delays, missing the flight or bus and not showing up on time

No refund or credit.

  • The nature of certain activities at JAMU LODGE such as walking, boating, motorized canoeing, swimming, the use of trails, have a certain risk of injury without being due to negligence on the part of the company, its employers or its people in general. The passengers who sign this agreement are understanding the risk that exists and releasing the company, employees and its people from all partial or total responsibility of any claim that may be filed or that in the event of any type of accident in general.
  • The passenger is aware that carrying cell phones, computers, photographic equipment, electronics in general and/or delicate clothing is the sole responsibility of the passenger, and that said objects must be protected in the best way or packed in some way to avoid mishaps. with these.
  • If humidity, a fall, bad weather damages any item belonging to the passenger, it is the passenger's sole responsibility and not the Lodge or its staff, since it is not possible to control heavy rain or humidity in the place.
  • The passenger must notify the hotel if they have valuable belongings such as computers, electronics or any object of economic and/or sentimental value that they want the staff to keep in the safe upon arrival at the hotel.

NOTE: We are not responsible for objects not declared at the time of check-in.

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