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Why eco?

At Itamandi Eco Lodge we are committed to preserving the environment, our policy is based on criteria for minimizing environmental impacts.
We use biodegradable products.
We minimize the use of water with specific washing processes.
Excursions and activities according to the pre-established itinerary, related to the number of nights.
Our purchasing criteria include local acquisitions. We do it in large quantities to minimize the use of packaging and in this way to be able to reuse the packaging in different ways.
All of our metal is recycled from used containers. The roofs are made of tetrapak and polycarbonate recycled from old water containers. The thatched roofs come from sustainable harvests with methods that keep the palm plant alive and also provide sustenance for local communities.
Our river transportation is managed by the local community. Our operation minimizes fossil fuels by encouraging rowing activities for our visitors.
Our stationery is more than 50% recycled paper and our goal is to make it 100%.
The sewage has a biodigestion treatment with anaerobic bacteria, the same ones that degrade the waste up to 85% and thus can be easily absorbed by the environment.
Our wood comes from sustainable forests and is part of truck engine container panels.
The concrete we use is 7 times less polluting than the standard, and in the long term the use of preservation and maintenance materials is minimized. Contains waterproofing elements to prevent polluting residues.
The water we consume is from safe sources and does not affect populations or plantations.
We use solar energy to recharge batteries for mobile devices and photo and video cameras.
We show our clients what is the importance of conserving the tropical rainforest.
This is what makes us different and special when choosing. To be able to provide you well-being with responsibility in a pleasant trip. Our commitment to the environment and our clients is to improve every day, increasingly including the community, renewing environmentally friendly technologies and providing better service.
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